support service terms of use

This document sets forth the service level provided by QUIVIDI to Customer regarding the resolution of problems with the QUIVIDI Software and the access given to Updates of the Software.



  1. Bug means an inconsistency between QUIVIDI Product behavior and QUIVIDI Product Documentation.
  2. “Country-Specific Terms”means those terms posted at and designated as replacing one or more terms of this Agreement solely for Customers, to the extent they use the Software in a particular country or group of countries (herein “Territory”). Any Country-Specific Terms applicable to Customers using the Software in a stated Territory shall take precedence over any inconsistent terms of this Agreement with respect to Customer’s use of the Software in such Territory.
  3. “Customer”or “You” means the individual or other legal entity or other business, governmental or not-for-profit organization that (A) is the original end user purchaser of a license to the Software from QUIVIDI or a QUIVIDI-authorized reseller, (B) accepts the terms of this Agreement, and (C) is identified as Customer or end user in the applicable Entitlement or in the authorized reseller’s invoice for such license to the Software. If Software is lawfully received from QUIVIDI or from an authorized reseller but there is no Entitlement, then “Customer” means the party that first so received the software from QUIVIDI or its authorized reseller and accepts the terms of this Agreement. (See Section 2.k, below, with respect to license limitations where there is no Entitlement.)
  4. “Entitlement”means the set of documents issued by (or under authority granted by) QUIVIDI that specify (i) the Software licensed (by QUIVIDI product number), (ii) the license term, (iii) the Licensed Units, (iv) the authorized use, if any, (v) the provision of Support and Maintenance services, (vi) the Customer, and (vii) the license fee charged, if any, and, if none is charged, the fact that the license was granted to Customer free-of-charge.
    By way of illustration, “Entitlements” may be composed of, among other things, any of the following or combinations of the following, as long as together they meet the criteria of the preceding sentence: written agreement signed by Customer and QUIVIDI, a product description in the QUIVIDI price list, a QUIVIDI invoice, a QUIVIDI quote, a QUIVIDI-issued e-certificate, a QUIVIDI-issued email transmitting authorization codes, as to Updates, a QUIVIDI website-posted Services Description Document, or an End User Services Agreement.
    In the event of inconsistency with respect to any two Entitlement documents or between this Agreement and any Entitlement document, the one most restrictive of the rights of the Customer shall take precedence.
  5. Interim Solution means a short-term code-fix delivered as a hotfix or a patch from QUIVIDI to the customer.
  6. Permanent Solution means, an Update of the QUIVIDI Product in which the problem has been resolved to conform to the QUIVIDI Product specification contained in the Documentation.
  7. QUIVIDImeans QUIVIDI SAS, a French « Société par Actions Simplifiée » Company, registered under number 490 937 422 RCS Paris, having its registered office and principal place of business at 74, rue du Rocher, 75008 Paris, France.
  8. “QUIVIDI Product” means a product or a service listed on page
  9. “QUIVIDI Support Organization” means either QUIVIDI or a third-party partner appointed by QUIVIDI to provide support on its behalf according to the terms of this Agreement.
  10. “Reproducible Test Case” means a test case that demonstrates in a small code sample, usually less than 100 lines, or in a detailed text format, the specific syntax or case that causes the problem. The test case must demonstrate the inconsistencies with the QUIVIDI Product Documentation.
  11. “Software”means an instance of a program, module, feature, function, service, application, operation, or capability of the QUIVIDI or QUIVIDI-supplied software either (i) identified in an Entitlement as licensed to Customer or (ii) made available to Customer by QUIVIDI or a QUIVIDI-authorized reseller for Evaluation Use. “Software” may also consist of an instance either of a Separately Licensable Feature distributed in combination with other Software and or of an Update of other Software.
  12. “Subscriber”means a Device, individual, Customer billing record or other identity that is recognized by the Software as authorized (presently, in the past or in the future) to receive services, usage, access or content which were, are or could be provided, managed, distributed, provisioned, billed or otherwise enabled by the Software.
  13. “Subscription License”means a license to Software with respect to which the Entitlement states a finite, fixed term of use for the Software and either identifies the license as a “subscription” or expressly includes the right to Updates throughout the fixed term of use without need to purchase a separate Support Contract.
  14. “Subscription Period” (unless specified differently in the Entitlement) means the period running from the date the Subscription License was generated until the end of the period mentioned in the Entitlement. If no specific Subscription Period is set in the Entitlement, the Subscription Period is deemed to last 365days (one year).
  15. “Support Contract”means a support services contract that includes rights to receive certain Updates of the Software, which contract is either (i) a QUIVIDI-issued contract purchased by Customer either from QUIVIDI or from a QUIVIDI-authorized reseller, or (ii) a support services contract issued by a support services provider to Customer under authorization granted by QUIVIDI.
  16. “Update”means Software that is an update, upgrade, bug fix or other new releases of other Software. Updates are either “Major Releases” (meaning a revision of Software as determined by QUIVIDI to have significant additional functionality or improved performance, and whose version number is incremented by an integer, such as going from version 5.x to version 6.x) or “Minor Releases” (meaning a bug fix, maintenance release, service release or a revision of a software application as determined by QUIVIDI to be limited to minor additional functionality or corrections of errors, and whose version number is incremented by a decimal, such as going from version 5.2 to version 5.3). A set of new features regrouped under a new product name (such as “VidiGates”) or under a new Edition name of a product (such “VidiReports, Expert Edition”) is not considered a Major Release. An Entitlement to Updates may for certain cases exclude Major Releases.
  17. Work Around means a temporary solution to a problem. A Work Around will be replaced with a Permanent Solution unless otherwise agreed to by Customer.
  18. Work Hoursmean hours between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM CET (Central European Time), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays celebrated in France (as listed on!hol=1).




2.A.      Support channels

Support is provided to you exclusively to Subscribers of a Support Contract:

  • Through the platform, which includes a complete Knowledge Base, as well as a ticketing system.
  • Through email exchanged with the

By way of example, Support Terms of Use do NOT include phone support, electronic real time support (such as Skype™ or Logmein™), on-site technical support, training, professional services or related travel expenses, unless stated specifically on the Entitlement.


2.B.      When and How QUIVIDI will Respond to Requests for Problem Resolution

A knowledgeable support engineer will respond to a request for problem resolution based on the case severity level, as described below.

2.B.1 Severity Definitions
Severity LevelDescription
1A Severity 1 problem exists if any QUIVIDI Product or major function thereof is (i) inoperative, or (ii) is experiencing terminable/intermittent problems that is having a significant impact on the Customer’s ability to use the QUIVIDI Product.
2A Severity 2 problem exists if functionality of the QUIVIDI Product is found to be defective or absent, or contains a problem that renders QUIVIDI Product difficult, but not impossible to use.
3A Severity 3 problem exists if the Customer experiences a non-critical degradation of performance, or experiences minor problems that need correction in either QUIVIDI Product or the relevant QUIVIDI product manuals.
2.B.2. Support Response Objectives

An acknowledgement to your notification will be given to You according to the Case Severity:

Case SeverityStandard Support
1Within 6 open hours after logging the issue, provided the issue is reported during Work Hours.  Issues reported beyond the Work Hours will be responded to the following business day.
2Within 2 working days after logging the issue.
3Within 1 working week after logging the issue.
2.B.3. Problem Resolution

Resolution will consist of either a Work Around, an Interim Solution or a Permanent Solution.

Problems that require an Interim Solution will be considered resolved when the test used to reproduce the problem demonstrates the corrected behavior.

Note:  QUIVIDI is not responsible for resolving problems arising from errors in equipment or software not provided by QUIVIDI or errors made by individuals who are not QUIVIDI employees or contractors.

Once QUIVIDI Support is notified as above, the QUIVIDI support organization will be notified and will start verifying the problem. Once verified, the request will be handed over to product development if no resolution is immediately available.

The assigned support engineer will follow up the issue and will attempt to send out work-arounds and Interim or Permanent Solutions, according to the resolution objectives set forth above.


2.B.4. Resolution Objectives

A resolution to your problem will be provided within the following time frames, depending on the Case Severity:

Case SeverityWork AroundInterim SolutionPermanent Solution
1Provided within 4 working days.Provided within 2 working weeks if no Work Around is possible.Included in next release.
2Provided within 2 working weeks.Provided within 1 working month.Included in next release.
3Next release.N/AWhen deemed feasible by QUIVIDI.




3.A      Maintenance Channel

Provided your Entitlement provides you with a Maintenance service, you will be given access to the Download section of (either the general Software download section or the ‘Specific Downloads’ section), where you will be able to download the latest version of the QUIVIDI Software, or the version recommended to your needs.

Note that the VidiCenter online service operates as Software As A Service (SAAS); being always available itself in its latest version, it does not require updating at any moment.

3.B.     How you will be given access to Updates

Your QUIVIDI account will provide you access to Minor and Major Releases, as per your Entitlement. In some cases, you might have to download a new license file to activate those Releases.

These Maintenance Terms of Use are limited to providing you with access to a download section and to the accompanying license files. By way of example, they do NOT include phone support, electronic real time support (such as Skype™ or LogmeIn™), on-site technical support, assistance in software deployment, training, professional services or related travel expenses, unless stated specifically on the Entitlement.



4.A.     Changes to the Agreement

QUIVIDI may make changes to these Support and Maintence Terms of Use from time to time. When these changes are made, QUIVIDI will inform its customers on the web site 1 month in advance and will post the new version of those Terms of Use on the page.

4.B.     Force majeure

QUIVIDI shall not be liable under this Agreement because of any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations on account of strikes, shortages, riots, inability to obtain export clearance from any applicable governmental entity, fire, flood, storm, earthquake, acts of God, hostilities or any other cause beyond its reasonable control (a “FORCE MAJEURE EVENT”), provided that QUIVIDI provides prompt written notice of any delay or default and cooperates to minimize the impact of such delay.

4.C.     Governing law and localized versions of this agreement

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of France (without reference to its conflicts of laws principles). The provisions of the U.N. Convention for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply to this Agreement. For any dispute arising under this Agreement, the Parties hereby consent to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of, and venue in the courts of the Paris (France).

4.D.     Entire Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire and sole agreement between QUIVIDI and the Customer with respect to the Support Service, and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements relating to the Support Service, whether oral or written (including any inconsistent terms contained in a purchase order), except that the terms of a separate written agreement executed by an authorized QUIVIDI representative and Customer shall govern to the extent such terms are inconsistent or conflict with terms contained herein. If any portion of this Agreement is held invalid, the Parties agree that such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remainder of this Agreement. This Agreement and associated documentation has been written in the English language, and the Parties agree that the English version will govern unless otherwise expressly stated in applicable Country-Specific Terms.